Since hospitality is one of our major sources of income at the Duncan Tavern, it is vital that we replace the curtains in the Banquet Hall immediately.  Some of them didn’t make it through the wash last Spring and it looks as though dry rot will claim some more this year.  The Banquet Hall is going to be interpreted as Colonial Revival.  We have found a company that makes beautiful  reproduction lace curtains.


They have style of curtains that would enhance our new interpretations. The owners of this company have researched lace patterns and suggest different patterns for different eras.  Their curtains are used in other house museums as well as in set decorations for movies and TV.


Our priority will be the Banquet Hall, but all the newly interpreted rooms need window treatments.


We are asking chapters to adopt panels. This idea came from Fara Tyree in Hart Chapter in Winchester.  Thank you Fara!




Four Grecian Lace panels ($139/each) for the Rogers Room (interpreted for the Burr Family, 1830-1870.

For the John Fox, Jr., exhibition (Clay Room), an early-20th century look would read well. Fox build a shingle-style Arts and Crafts house in Virginia.  We can reference that plus his best-selling book with Pine Cones.  We will need two 33 x 72-inch panels at $129 each.  Also, we will use a valence with this curtain.  The cost of that will be $9/running foot.  Three feet should do.  $27.


The interpretation of the Banquet Hall is Colonial Revival.  A pattern that was popular during that time is the Regency pattern to be obtained from


We would need six 33 x 72-inch panels at $129 each plus two 47 x 60-inch panels at $149 each (for the Palladian window).


We are making great progress!

Thank you!

Hart Chapter, Fincastle Chapter, St. Asaph Chapter, John Green Chapter,  Bryan Station!

For the Williams Room, interpreted as the late Victorian/early Edwardian boarding house, Victorianna seems appropriate.  We will need four 58 x 90-inch panels at $91 each.

Other needs include someone to sew simple plain muslin curtains for the two Tavern Rooms.  Please request details.



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Updated May 16, 2019

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